Eightwood 5dBi 4G LTE SMA Antenna with TS9 Adapter Compatible with AT&T Netgear Mobile Hotspot 4G Router USB Modem MiFi Jetpack 7730L Nighthawk MR1100 700-2600Mhz

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Price: $9.89
(as of Dec 05,2020 04:01:23 UTC – Details)



Frequency Range:700-2600MHz
Bandwidth: 70/910MHz
Gain: 5dbi
Polarization: Vertical
Directivity: Omni Directional
Input Impedance: 50ohm
Antenna Connector Type: SMA Male (Thread inside with Pin)
Accessory Adapter: SMA female bulkhead to TS9 male adapter
Rated Power: 50w
Antenna Height:11.5 inch (without bend), 10.6 inch (bend)

TS9 antenna is compatible with the below models:

Mobile Hotspot

Sierra Wireless: AirCard 802S, AirCard 801S, AT&T AirCard 770S, AirCard 763S, AirCard 762S, AirCard 760S, AirCard 754S

Netgear: AT&T AC815s, AT&T AirCard 779S, AT&T AirCard 781S, Nighthawk M1 MR1100,Sprint AirCard 771S,Virgin AirCard 778S,
Verizon AirCard 791L, Aircard 810s, Aircard 800S, aircard 790s, aircard 785s, Aircard 782S

Novatel Wireless: Verizon MiFi 7730L Jetpack,Verizon MiFi 4620LE Jetpack,Verizon MiFi 4620L,Verizon Jetpack MiFi 4510L Jetpack

Franklin: Verizon Pantech MHS291L,Verizon MHS800L Ellipsis Jetpack,Verizon MHS900L Ellipsis Jetpack

ZTE: MF980, MF971V, MF970, MF95, MF93E, MF93D, MF923, MF91T, MF91S, MF91D, MF910, MF91, MF90, MF61, Flare

Huawei: E8377, E8372, E589, E5787, E5786, E5785, E5776, E5775, E5577C, E5577, E5573, E5377, E5375, E5373, E5372

USB Modem

Sierra Wireless: USB Sticks Compass 885 /888 /889,USB Sticks USB597/ USB598/ AC250U,USB Sticks 308/ 309,
AirCard USB301 USB302 USB305 USB306 USB307,AirCard 310U 312U

Netgear: AT&T AirCard 340U,Sprint AirCard 341U

Novatel Wireless: USB760,USB MC760,USB MC727,U760,U727

ZTE: MF821,MF668+,MF668,MF645,MF633BP+,MF633,MF626i,MF60

Huawei: UML397,E8278,E398,E397,E392

PCMCIA Card & Express Card

Sierra Wireless: AC503, AC504,AC402, AC501, AC502

Novatel Wireless: C770, C777

Improve Signal Strength: Supports 3G 4G LTE GSM frequency bands, this omnidirectional antenna assists to expand range, improve network reception for 4g routers, mobile hotspot, mobile USB modems, Express cards
Package Includes: 1pc 4G LTE antenna with SMA male connection + 1pc SMA female to TS9 adapter
Compatible with Mobile Hotspot- Sierra Wireless: AirCard 802S, 801S, 770S, 763S, 762S, 760S, 754S | Netgear: AirCard 815s,779S,781S,Nighthawk M1 MR1100,771S,778S, 791L, 810s, 800s, 790s, 785s, 782S | Novatel Wireless:Verizon MiFi 7730L 4620LE 4620L 4510L Jetpack
Compatible with Mobile Modem- Sierra Wireless:USB Sticks Compass 885 /888 /889,USB Sticks USB597/ USB598/ AC250U,USB Sticks 308/ 309, AirCard USB301 USB302 USB305 USB306 USB307,AirCard 310U 312U | Netgear: AirCard 340U,341U | Novatel Wireless: USB760,USB MC760,USB MC727,U760,U727
Notes: This 4G antenna kit matches network devices with TS9 interface. Please check your connection type or read the antenna¡¯s compatibility on description before ordering

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