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DC Collectibles Man of Steel Jor-El Iconic Statue, Scale 1/6

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How to Play Semitones in Tune on the Violin and Viola


Come on over to to enjoy the discussion with other violinists and violists worldwide

This episode is all about how to play semitones in tune on the violin or viola.

To make this video tutorial accessible for players of all levels I use the first semitone you learn on the violin or viola as an example.

The first fingering you learn is a tone between the first and second finger, a semitone between the second and third finger and a tone between the third and fourth finger. This means that the second and third finger need to be really close to each other.

Lot’s of beginners play their third finger too high, because they don’t squeeze it against the second finger enough. In the video I demonstrate this.

Let me give you some tips to solve this issue:

Tip 1: Know really well how the semitone should sound and how it differs from a tone.

This image of the tones in your hear or in your ear must be really clear and solid. Otherwise your fingers will not know what you want from them. You must know to imagine and to recognize the difference between a tone and a semitone.

You can train this be listening to recorded music (I demonstrate the tone and semitone in this video), playing the tone and semitone on the piano if you have one or comparing it to a tone and semitone you can already play.

Tip 2: Know how you have to place your fingers.

Some people tell me that they can’t find the strength to push the third finger against the second finger. This doesn’t necessarily have to with strength. You don’t need a lot of strength for violin or viola playing anyway.

It matters HOW you hold your left hand and how you place your fingers. Lots of people struggle with the semitone, because their third finger is flat and not curved.

Be sure to put your violin or viola IN your hand, so you create some space for your fingers. Pivot your hand a bit towards the neck of the violin. The closer your knuckles are to the neck of the violin, the less your fingers need to stretch to reach their positions on the string. In the video I demonstrate how to do it right or wrong.

Place your finger round, so curved, and not flat. In this way you can slide your third finger over your second finger to find it’s place. This brings your fingertips on the string really close together. You should have the idea that you almost place your third finger on top of the second finger. They are trying to push each other from their place.

Just to summarize: To be able to play semitones in tune you need to:

Be able to clearly imagine the sound of the tone and the interval
Make the correct movement when you place your finger
Have your arm, hand and finger in the right position

Is this video helpful to you? Please let me know in the comments below! If you like it, share it with your friends!


PS: Do you have questions or struggles on violin or viola playing? Post a comment below or send an e-mail to and I might dedicate a Violin Lounge TV episode to answering your question!

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MARCH 2021 VISA BULLETIN! *Plus* GOOD News For DV 2020 Lottery Visa Winners!

The March 2021 Visa Bulletin is out! In this video, I provide an update regarding the Visa Bulletin for March 2021 and discuss the changes from February 2021 …



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3 Checks to Know whether You Should Use a Shoulder Rest on the Violin or NOT


Here’s where to buy the shoulder rests I mention in the video:
Viva la Musica (VLM) Augustin Diamond:

Go here for more FREE online violin and viola video lessons:

I’m giving my opinion in a very dangerous discussion here: whether to use or not to use a shoulder rest. Some people think you can’t play the violin comfortably without a shoulder rest. Others say that shoulder rests ruined violin playing. The discussions around this topic can be very heated. People are very secure about their own opinion.

First of all I would like point out how dangerous it is to recommend someone to play with or without shoulder rests without analyzing how someone plays and what the shape of their body is. Chinrests and shoulder rests are very personal and must be adjusted to the individual player. Also the choice whether or not to use them is highly personal.

There are fantastic violinists playing without shoulder rest and there are fantastic violinists playing with shoulder rest. This proves to me that both is perfectly possible. If there would be ONE ideal shoulder rest (or none), every single soloist would use it. And they don’t… so there is not one answer for everybody.

There are so many types and shapes and brands of chinrests and shoulder rests? Why? Because we all don’t fit into the same shoes. Just like shoes there are various shapes, types, sizes and brands. Besides: wearing the same shoes every day isn’t good for your feet.

It’s good to change and it’s good to walk barefoot once in a while. The same applies for chinrests and shoulder rests. Don’t look for the perfect solution, but have a couple of option at home and change them once in while.
To help you on your way, here are three ways to discover which shoulder rest is ideal for you:

Stability versus freedom of movement

Personally I like freedom of movement while I’m playing the violin. I want to be able to look around, at my fellow players, at a conductor, at the audience and of course at my sheet music. Besides my neck and muscles don’t like to be in the same position all the time. That’s why I have a relatively low shoulder rest. I’m not stuck in one position.
With most shoulder rests stability and freedom of movement are two barrels.

For example the Bonmusica shoulder rest is very stable. This can be nice for people who’s violin wants to slide off their shoulder all the time. The Bonmusica has the advantage that it’s very stable and solid, so you can relax. The disadvantage is that you are a bit locked into one position. It works for some, others don’t like it.

Playing without a shoulder rest offers maximum freedom of movement, but it can feel less stable en can cause you to tense up. It works for some, others don’t like it.

With my VLM Augustin Diamond rest I’m a bit in the middle. I have the stability of a shoulder rests, but as it’s low I still have a lot freedom of movement.

Long neck vs short neck

If you have a short neck you probably don’t want a big shoulder rest. You might be happier without shoulder rest or with a shoulder pad, like the inflatable Playonair. It’s also softer than a shoulder rest.

If you have a long neck, you might prefer a high chinrest and a high shoulder rest. There is more space to fill up between your collar bone and chin. Otherwise you have to tilt your head too much and you might get an injury. I haven’t seen much people with a long neck playing without a shoulder rest, but of course there can be exceptions.
How is your collar bone shaped?

When your collar bone sticks out you need to run to the hospital… Hmm, how can I phrase this correctly? If your collar bone is very pronounced, like with a lot of women, you might get pain when playing without a shoulder rest. However, if you have a nice layer of fat over your collar bone and your collar bone isn’t that much pronounced, playing without a shoulder rest might be easy for you.

To summarize:

Determine if you are looking for stability or freedom of movement. Do you move around a lot while playing?
Determine of you have a long neck or short neck… or normal perhaps?
Is you collar bone pronounced.
Don’t take advice from people who haven’t analyzed your individual body shape, playing style and possible problems!

I know a lot of you are struggling with finding the right combination of chinrest and shoulder rest. I hope I have attributed something to this topic.

Is this video helpful to you? Please let me know in the comments below! If you like it, share it with your friends!



PS: Do you have questions or struggles on violin or viola playing? Post a comment below or send an e-mail to and I might dedicate a Violin & Viola TV episode to answering your question!

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President Trump leaves Walter Reed hospital for surprise visit | USA TODAY

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Thomas Kinkade Studios: Disney Dreams Collection 2020 Collectible Print with Wal: Disney Princess

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The Disney Dreams Collection by Thomas Kinkade Studios: Disney Princess Collectible Print with 2020 Calendar is a charming and appealing portfolio featuring the much-loved Disney Princesses.

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