Apex Legends Octane 6-Inch Collectible Action Figure

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petty online stunts

Winner of the best multiplayer game awards of 2019 from BAFTA and The Game Awards, Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle-royale game built for competition. The game delivers a squad-based Battle Royale experience where players select from one of 15 Legends including Lifeline, Wraith, and the newest one, Horizon, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles and the last team standing wins. Balanced squads and teamwork are critical, as each Legend is easy to pick up and learn, but challenging to master. Bring the game to life with these collectible six inch scale action figures. Pick your character. Round up your squad. Show everyone what Legends are made of. This squad includes Revenant, Octane and Wraith (with Voidwalker Legendary Skin) (each sold separately). Collect them all to build your own Apex Legends squad (each sold separately). Recreate the action from the game with these extraordinarily detailed figures and their included weapons and accessories. Start your collection today. (each sold separately). Apex Legends: Series 2- Octane 6″ Scale Action Figure The Octane six inch scale articulated figure is sure to be a hit with Apex Legends fans and action figure collectors! Octane decided petty online stunts weren’t enough: the ultimate adrenaline rush, the Apex Games, was calling. Now, he’s going to become an Apex Champion doing the most incredible, death defying moves anyone’s ever seen. This highly detailed action figure has articulation points in the neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, legs, ankles and feet. Collect them all to build your own Apex Legends squad (each sold separately). You can recreate the action from the games with this extraordinarily detailed figure and their included accessories. Octane includes a RE-45 Bengal Auto Pistol and Jump Pad. Start your collection today. (each sold separately).

Collectors and kids alike will love these highly detailed, poseable action figures from the hit video game, Apex Legends
With 25 points of articulation and is meticulously constructed to show off every detail seen in-game
Each figure comes with multiple detailed accessories
Assortment in series 2 includes Revenant, Octane and Wraith (with Voidwalker Legendary Skin)
Each sold separately – Suggested for ages 8+


Tip of the day- How to make Chocolate Ganache!

In this tip of the day, learn to make a tasty, silky smooth chocolate ganache to add or enhance to whatever desserts are on your baking agenda. This recipe and stir technique will provide you with a delicious, state of the art ganache for your viewing and eating pleasure. Use it as a filling for Macarons, or layer it on top of cakes or truffles to give your desserts that extra push. You know what they say… when in doubt… Add more chocolate!
Ganache recipe (makes a lot :))…

10.7 ounces- heavy whipping cream
16 ounces – white chocolate couverture chocolate (…/real-chocolate-by-guittard-by-th…)
1 ounce – butter
Here at Art Is In Cakes, we provide the Tools and Knowledge to build your Passion for Baking.
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© Art Is In Cakes, 2019

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ZOOCRAFT Sea Octopus Glass Figurine Ornament Decor Gift Miniature Hand Blown Blue Coastal Style Home Collectible

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GLASS OCTOPUS FIGURINE, MEASURES: W 2.5 inches X L 2.5 inches. X H 1.4 inches. approx.
HAND BLOWN GLASS, each miniature glass octopus figurine is delicately hand worked with fine precision in the strongest borosilicate lead free glass to create incredibly realistic and colorful pieces, reflecting the fantastic beauty of tropical life.
GIFT for a home party decor, or a birthday anniversary gift, it’s a good choice.
USE as decorative figurines in terrariums, fairy gardens, they are also great for DIY arts and crafts projects.
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If for any reason you’re not satisfied with our product, we will offer a full refund with no questions asked. Put us to the test!


How to install a GoPro on a bodyboard (dubbed version)

Lots of people have asked how exactly to mount the GoPro cameras on a bodyboard. Here is the step-by-step video version.
Thanks to who gave me their workshed to film this.
The original upload had some audio overlay, so it is with many thanks to Robson (here on vimeo with some sick bodyboard vids of his own) that we have the re-dubbed version with the man’s mellow tones, making it much clearer to listen to.
On a side note, you could easily use a drill 1- 1.5mm less in diameter than that specified in the vid, but just wanted to make things super easy for fitting. Depending what type of core your board has, you may even choose the old method of running a heated screwdriver through to seal the foam.
Happy sliding!

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Sonic the Hedgehog Action Figures – 6-Pack Collectible Figures with Sonic Brooch– Highly Detailed Design – For Kids and Collectors– Includes Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Metal Sonic, Amy Rose & Super Sonic

Price: $15.49
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similar products

Sonic the Hedgehog brings back that sweet childhood nostalgia through this collectible figurine set, suitable for kids and adults. Offer it as a thoughtful gift or simply enjoy them on a daily basis in your own home!
Why is this product for you?
With a sturdy, high quality design which provides durability, highly realistic lines and gorgeous intense colors, these Sonic figurines are a lovely bedroom or office décor. Accompany Sonic and his friends in wonderful adventures around the world, fighting injustice while travelling at supersonic speeds!
Some of the amazing features of this product:

  • Set includes 6 action figures: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Metal Sonic, Amy Rose & Super Sonic;
  • BONUS Sonic Brooch;
  • Premium quality plastic;
  • Intense colors which last;
  • Perfect gift for kids;
  • Highly collectible toys;
  • Decorative items, kids party activities, games;
  • Realistic design.

ADD TO CART NOW and you’ll fall in love instantly with these Sonic collectible toys!
ENTER THE SONIC WORLD: Whether you’re a veritable figurine collector or you simply want to get your kids interested in “the fastest thing alive”, this Sonic the Hedgehog will bring back childhood memories!
COMPLETE FIGURINE SET: This action figure set includes 6 highly detailed figurines, all the main characters from the beloved video game: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Metal Sonic, Amy Rose and Super Sonic!
TOP QUALITY: Unlike similar products on the market, these Sonic figurines are made from premium quality extra-durable materials, guaranteed to withstand the test of time. The heavy-duty plastic won’t break, preserving its colors over the years!
MULTIPURPOSE: Whether you’re ordering them to complete your own collection, as a thoughtful gift for a special friend or for your little one, these figurines will look amazing in your home! Add a touch of fun to your kids’ bedroom or even your office!
SONIC BROOCH INCLUDED: Alongside the 6 collectible figurines, we’ll also throw in a gorgeous Sonic brooch which won’t go unnoticed! Place it on your backpack, t-shirt or jacket and you’ll draw all eyes!


Connect your body and master its use An Introduction to Classic Martial Arts’ Sacral Region Manipulation

Fast, Strong, Elegant Movement!
Introducing a rational method to get a “truly mobile” body by focusing on the sacrum.
Also, a must if you suffer from back pain!
This is truly a “martial art for the body”!

There is only one right way to do any exercise: connecting and using the whole body. By keeping the sacrum tight and erect and the spine straight, you regain the body’s correct posture and you apply the body operation principles classical martial arts have pursued to the needs of modern society.
Learn how to connect your body and master its use through the thorough and meticulous teaching of Kanto region’s Shunpukan and Yagyu Shinkage-ryu swordsmanship head, Tatsuo Akabane.

Instruction◎Tatsuo Akabane
President of the Kanto branch of Nagoya’s Shunpukan and professor emeritus of philosophy at the Kanagawa Dental University. He studied Yagyu Shinkage-ryu, Enmei-ryu, and Owari Kan-ryu spearmanship at the Shunpukan in Nagoya. Currently, he is the head of the “Shinkage-ryu and Enmei-ryu Keikokai” organization, teaching these classical martial arts in Kamakura, Yokosuka, Yokohama, Fujisawa, and Seijo.

How to buy streaming videos

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Karate, Aikido, Jujutsu, Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu …
Original Japanese martial arts information and videos!

Our company is a publishing company that publishes “Monthly HIDEN” magazine about Japanese martial arts in JAPAN.

In BUDOJPAN website, overseas fans can get to know this information about Japanese martial arts and Japanese culture. On our website, you can read many articles and watch videos for free.

And on WEB HIDEN,“Monthly HIDEN Magazine” official website, you can see many articles, pictures, videos on this site.

WEB is translated by Google(English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese)
and you can purchase 500 over DVDs that are not fully featured on yet.

About WEB

Hopefully everybody will enjoy Budojapan and WEB HIDEN too.

★Official website


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Hero Collector Marvel Heavyweights Collection | Black Panther Heavyweight Metal Figurine 5 by Eaglemoss

Price: $49.95
(as of Feb 25,2021 19:04:35 UTC – Details)


Rendered for the first time ever in full cast metal, Hero Collector brings you Marvel’s noble superhero Black Panther as part of the all new Marvel Heavyweights Collection. T’Challa is the newly-crowned king of Wakanda, a powerful, and secretive African nation – and in his advanced suit of their coveted Vibranium-weave, he defends the world as the superhero Black Panther.

T’Challa is the newly-crowned king of Wakanda, a powerful, and secretive African nation – and in his advanced suit of their coveted Vibranium-weave, he defends the world as the superhero Black Panther.
Having joined Iron Man’s team after Captain America stood in the way of him taking down the Winter Soldier – who he blamed for his father’s death – Black Panther was on a relentless mission of vengeance.
Whether you were Team Stark or Team Cap this meticulously rendered full cast metal figurine is a must have for any true Marvel fan. Wakanda Forever!
Rendered for the first time ever in full cast metal, Hero Collector brings you Marvel’s noble superhero Black Panther as part of the all new Marvel Heavyweights Collection.


How to Read in the Viola Clef (for Violinists)


Come on over to to enjoy the discussion with other violinists and violists worldwide.

Are you a violinist and would you like to play the viola? Do you struggle with reading in the viola clef?

In this video I explain all about reading in the viola clef.

Sheet music for the violin and the viola is written in a different clef. The violin uses the G-clef and the viola uses the C-clef.

The viola clef indicates the C on the spot where you (as a violinist) are used to find the B. You might be thinking: everything I read is one note higher. It’s actually seven notes lower.

The A string on the violin and viola are the same pitch. When you read the open A string in the viola clef, it looks like a G (second finger on the E string) on the violin.

The C that is indicated by the C-clef is the C you usually play with the third finger on the G string.

The C string is the only viola string we don’t have on the violin. It’s lower than the G string. When you see the open C string in the viola clef… it looks like the B you usually play with the second finger on the G string. When you would like to write this down in the G-clef, there would be a lot of help lines.

Would you like to start playing the viola and get used to reading in the viola key? I recommend getting a beginner book for the viola, even when you have a more advanced level on the violin. In this way you get used to reading in the clef step by step.

You can buy the book I show you in the video right here, but you can also use other method books.

Make solid connections between the note name, how the note looks like, where the note can be found on your instrument and how the note sounds. This gives you a good foundation to reading in different clefs.

Don’t use ‘shortcuts’ like reading the viola clef like you read the third position in the violin clef. You will be confused when there are a lot of sharps and flats and you can start over.

Is this video helpful to you? Please let me know in the comments below! If you like it, share it with your friends!



PS: Do you have questions or struggles on violin or viola playing? Post a comment below or send an e-mail to and I might dedicate a Violin Lounge TV episode to answering your question!

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Garbage Pail Kids PuzzlePalooza 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle | 35th Anniversary of GPK | Officially Licensed Garbage Pail Kids Merchandise | Collectible Puzzle Featuring Original GPK Favorites

Price: $14.99
(as of Feb 25,2021 18:03:56 UTC – Details)

Kit Zit

Adam Bomb is ready to detonate from the middle of this mind-blowing 1,000-piece festival of iconic Garbage Pail Kids characters such as Messy Tessie, Oliver Twisted, Kit Zit, and other grotesque favorites from the 80s. Piece together the finished 19×27” jigsaw puzzle with illustrations by GPK artist Joe Simko and pay homage to the bizarre trading cards that have been making us giggle for the last 35 years.

Piece together this collectible jigsaw puzzle featuring Garbage Pail Kids favorites Adam Bomb, Messy Tessie, Oliver Twisted, Kit Zit, and others from the 1980s Topps collectible trading card series
Colorful original artwork design that is sure to capture the attention of GPK fans
Perfect collectible gift for any Garbage Pail Kids trading card fan and collector
Puzzle proudly made in the USA
1000 pieces | 19″ x 27″ Finished Size | Full Color


OneTable Brand Anthem: Newlyweds Use OneTable To Put On Friday Night Dinner Parties


Meet Kate & Jason, two newlyweds who met through Shabbat and continue to celebrate by bringing friends together every Friday night. Especially after a long week of work an app to help put together Shabbat dinner makes it that much more enjoyable.

When OneTable needed content to position their brand, they came to Refilmery to conceptualize videos that showed how inviting and easy hosting Shabbat can be. By highlighting personal narratives we were able to share stories of a typical Friday night using OneTable.

These videos were reformatted into bite-sized clips to share across social media, and were incorporated into a guest blogging campaign. The featured participants wrote about their experiences with the OneTable platform alongside the launch of their specific video.

The above brand video tells the story of Kate & Jason, a young married couple looking to put on Friday night Shabbat for their friends. Through OneTable they said they were able to prep dinner easily making hosting Shabbat stress-free.

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