Set of 23 Coins from 23 Different Countries Coins LOT, Old Collectible Coins

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So you want to add to your growing coin collection?

Coin collecting used to be an expensive practice reserved for kings and emperors. Now the hobby is being pursued by countless people from all over the world. It is as educational as it is enjoyable. Coins often serve as commemorative pieces for key historical events and important figures.

Collectors learn about their own history and foreign cultures via these small metal treasures. Coins may also have value that goes beyond just educational. They could be worthy pieces of investment.

Hobby of Kings’ Circulated 23 different Coins from 23 different countries in the world makes valuable additions to your collection.

You will receive foreign coins from these countries: Japan, Belgium, Poland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Denmark, Spain, Bulgaria, Austria, Turkey, Romania, Finland, Italy, Hungary, France, Germany, Croatia, Netherlands, Greece, Norway, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Soviet Union. We put a lot of care into preserving our circulated coins, so you get pieces with the least sign of wear. This is to ensure you get more value for your money. Plus, we want you to enjoy history and culture all packed in a tiny piece of beautiful metal.

We offer a wide array of coin sets. You are bound to find just the pieces that you’d like to add to your collection. Have you got any specific country or currency in mind? Let us know, and we might just be able to help you.

Here are other reasons to invest in these small circulated coins:

✅ Absolutely no extremely worn coins
✅ Makes for great history lessons for kids
✅ Guaranteed no fake coins or replicas included in the set
✅ Sold in a set for added convenience and value for your money

Add Hobby of Kings Circulated Coins to your basket TODAY!

✅ A RICH MIX WITHOUT DUPLICATES – Get a coin bag with 23 different coins from 23 different countries over the world. Only small denominations: hellers, cents, centimes, centimo, grosz, ore, penny, para, dinars, stotinki, groschens, kurus, ban, bani, kopeks, penni, lire, escudos, forints, pfennig, lipa, sen, centavo.
✅ VALUABLE PIECES OF HISTORY – Our coins collection includes real pieces from 23 foreign countries. You’ll love the story and culture carried by these small works of metal art.
✅ WORTHY INVESTMENT – We offer foreign coins that are not legal tender. This means there aren’t many circulating, and they’re bound to increase in value. Invest in the past for your future.
✅ NO EXTREMELY WORN PIECES – Our old coins for collectors include circulated pieces with the least sign of wear. Please note that the oldest coins may show more scratches and oxidation.
✅ TREASURED GIFT ITEMS – This coin collection is packed in bags with decorative labels. The sealed package makes it an attractive birthday or wedding gift.

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