TLIG News: Vassula Ryden USA Tour


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People, please read your Bible and see for yourselves, this woman's testimony about Christ does not match what the Bible says. I wonder who is the one who is speaking to her. Read her book, she claims that Jesus says that he is a sinner and he needs forgiveness from God. The book of Hosea says 4:6: my people are destroyed from lack of ,knowledge. Read your Bible and gain the knowledge from the Mouth of God. Don't believe every spirit except the Spirit of God or you are going to perish.

Vassula thank you for your words of wisdom with Jesus love and Mercy for us. Heard your coming to USA tour!! 2020 I saw video. So I seen and believe your words from Jesus Christ. Yes years wake up call to all USA citizen s to make choice repent forgiveness and change of heart to lead a more sincere Life with Love and Peace! Heal health to all as well. God bless you . Vassula! You look like Jesus Christ to me . So inspired by your commitment and total surrender to God's call. YES!! To Jesus Christ!!

Be VERY careful with what you listen to! And ask God for discernment! The devil tried to deceive Jesus Christ in the desert with the scripture, so what makes you think he wont try to deceive you with the scripture ?
Vassula is being blessed by the pope and she is talking about honoring Mother Mary…. just some clues for you.

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