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Nothing is more important for safe driving than your brakes. If your brakes are starting to grind, squeal, pulse, grab, or feel squishy or soft, it might be time to head into Les Schwab.

Why? Because letting those problems go too long is not only dangerous, if there is something wrong it can also cause more damage to your car’s braking system and other parts of your car. In the end, that can cost you more money.

To keep your brakes working correctly, it’s important to maintain the entire braking system. While brakes wear at different rates under different driving conditions, you can’t always know if your brakes need work unless you get a free inspection at Les Schwab. If you need brake work, we’ll provide a written estimate. If not, we’ll send you on your way.

Best of all, when we do help customers with their brakes, we only use quality parts, and our service technicians are specially trained to ensure the job gets done right the first time. And everything is backed with our complete brake service guarantee.

Learn more about your brake options:

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