Lesson 4 – ‘[Series 4] Learn to Enjoy Painting in Oils with Paul Taggart’

LESSON 4 and you continue with the landscape in which you are working-along with Artist & Author Paul Taggart using what amounts to a Line & Wash Technique – EXCEPT THAT this is purely a device by which you can truly appreciate the clarity and purity of creating and applying pigmented transparent glazes.

See this as an exercise and concentrate on the glazing mixes, the technique and the results; don’t think of this in terms of a ‘finished painting’.

In this version of the landscape Paul will gradually introduce you to various approaches, various glazing mediums and various techniques; so that you get a wider understanding of what is possible when working with glazing – he describes this as WORKING with GLAZES in their RAWEST FORM.

In Lesson 3 Paul used two ‘thin/fluid’ mediums, one to create the linework, the other for the coloured glazes. Now, you will see how to work with slightly ‘thicker/stiffer’ mediums – you will learn how this affects your glaze mixing, the way you apply it to the surface, how to manipulate and exploit the characteristics of this ‘thicker’ glaze AND HOW TO WORK IN LAYERS with your glazes.

EVERYTHING YOU LEARN IN THIS EPISODE is INVALUABLE in DEVELOPING YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF HOW TO MAXIMISE GLAZES for the results of glazing are quite magical, there is no question about that and it certainly isn’t something that is exclusively for the professional at the top of their tree – far from it, it is something that every artist can enjoy adding to their repertoire of painting techniques.

Lesson 4 is the second episode in the first set of four start-to-finish tutorials, in which the landscape subject matter is identical, so that you can properly assess and compare how glazing mixes interact with each other, how they do so with tonal underpainting, how they do so with underlying colours and texture – finishing off with the fourth tutorial set, in which you will be combining these various aspects.

In this Series 4, Artist & Author Paul Taggart has seriously stripped down glazing, so that you can see glaze mixes in their raw form, how they look on the surface and how they interact with each other and underlying textures and colours. We’re trying something really different to do this, something we hope will take the mystery out of this most beautiful of techniques.

So why not let Paul gently guide you through the exciting ‘art of glazing’ – why not let this be THE BEGINNING OF YOUR MAGICAL JOURNEY into the world of GLAZING and what a journey it will turn out to be – see for yourself how the first SIMPLE GLAZES in this episode are mixed on the palette, applied to the surface and blended together. We promise you will NOT BE DISAPPOINTED with this first step – it was exciting to film and careful close-up filming allows you to see precisely how those glazes work.

We supply free-to-downlad reference photographs, should you wish to work-along with Paul – you can also work-along on a subject of your own choosing, it is entirely up to you – available from artworkshopwithpaul on Flickr –

As with all of Paul’s tutorials – these are all filmed in real-time – no editing, no speed-painting, no skipping stages. Everything is shared with you; nothing is left out of either Paul’s demonstration, or Paul’s running commentary.


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