Large demonstrations across country anchor weekend of protests (LIVE) | USA TODAY

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The American news media controlled by the Six Corporations has turned into a communist propaganda machine that supports urban terrorism and burning down of America. BLM – Burn, Loot, and Murder and those scumbuckets blame white people for everything they have done or will do. They are urban terrorists that need to be shot down in the streets like the dogs they are. They are not representative of America but they are groups of terrorists that think they have power. They do not, shoot them down and remove the looters and murderers from the streets of our great country. We want America back!!!!!

I am the Founder of Native American Global Exchange. I don't know actually what human, person, corporate, or other entity is responsible, but in the Austin, Tx., area a lot electronic devices are jammed, or don't work properly. There are alot of financially stable people here, just ….ignoring the rest of the world.

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He is black I am white, I am white he is black well did jesus told you so.Just stop plunging your govt. into banruptcy all of you are part of the govt.By doing this riots who is going to suffer,just think of loved ones your elderly people no matter what happens the govt. will be on the top and you under them.By shouting you are wrong, so who is right if you all right can you mend the physical and mental damage done by you protesters to the president of your country .Don,t implement violence to your children,its time to stop this noncence and pray for the best.Good Luck

This nationwide protests may have another good outcome. People get exposed to covid19 and in turn developed immunity against it resulting in herd immunity. As a consequence, the US may be the first nation to get up on its feet to recovery.

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