US offers Taiwan support after Chinese military incursions | DW News

Chinese military incursions into Taiwanese territory have raised tensions in the region. China sent 15 military aircraft into Taiwanese airspace between mainland …


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Every able body boy is eligible to train in firing fully automatics rifle in Taiwan , in the aftermath of occupation by China, civil resistance will be wide spread . The cost of not able to wage a guerilla warfare is way much higher than conscription cost for Taiwan. ??

US power devided of how many part?.. from Afghanistan, south korean and Taiwan… included Philippines and allies country…. But China is strongest powerful one burst to attack is win if war spark on…

Biden's new SOSUS (Secretary of State Antony Blinken) is like a bulldog when it comes to confronting china. Something china-friendly US big tech companies never counted on nor did china. He's like Pence on steroids. He's doing great and holding them in check.

This could escalate rapidly. China invades Taiwan, US gets involved. Major war. Turns nuclear, extinction level war.
Intelligence could very well be an evolutionary dead end. No intelligent aliens discovered.

And you us will not make any form of deal with China where in any way we would live up our honorable agreements and protection with Taiwan, the US military is very honorable people too

I hope somebody is approved the sale of the AGM missiles to Taiwan, they also need anti-missile anti-aircraft capabilities with dense enough overlap to have three to one, I'm always of a thousand aircraft or a thousand missiles at a time to be fully capable of preventing Chinese missiles from landing weather from jet or from the mainland

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