Authorities give update on San Jose rail yard shooting rampage | USA TODAY

Multiple people were killed and wounded Wednesday in a shooting at a light rail yard, the latest burst of bullets to rock the nation this year. RELATED: …


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I have no doubt that we won't become bulls with little sign of stopping. I know people hate to say , "This time is different," but the number of banks institutions and cooperation that have invested hundreds of millions of dollars with the intent to hold unto long-term: how can we disprove this could be *super cycle*? "Everyone's is talking about it? The terms of the bull market are unlike anything we've ever seen.

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So sad…
This is nothing but lack of God in people´s heart.

Salvation is right there…but men choose to reject it everytime.

My parayers go to all those families in suffer right now because of this event.

No matter how racist a person is or what their mental state OR ‘motive’ is — no one should have access to weapons designed to kill many.

Ban, confiscate, buyback, REDUCE

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