Jen Psaki holds White House Briefing Thursday | USA Today

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The credibility of the United States went bankrupt as Biden coup makers seized the White House by dictatorial means. In the future, no one will be willing to buy the F35 fighter with dominion, including all the goods with the trademark of “Cheat country”…

We human beings, the world police and the division of justice must strengthen the action of restoring democracy! Let's go to the present capital of the United States (Texas) first!!!!

Once again Psaki demonstrates why Biden kicked Trump's ass. Smarter, better communicator, more empathy. She put's another competent face on the administration. Biden's approval numbers are higher than Trump's ever were. Keep up the stellar work.

I opinion the prior administration has not done anything to warrant Mr. Bo Biden I do mean dumb ass Joe Biden overturning anything in fact if he was a wise man he would follow them in the world would do just wonderful

Many people appear to believe that as soon as Biden signs the bill to increase the minimum wage they will be getting a wage increase. Wouldn't it be responsible to provide some clarity?
There are portions of the relief package that are supported. Relief to states is not.
One of the most pressing issues involving the climate is the release of methane due to permafrost melt. How is the administration dealing with the release as it will raise temperatures possibly over 2 degrees?
Can see on social media that there are many people who do not believe republicans work on behalf of the American people? Like to give the administration the chance to communicate clearly whether unity means he believes republicans work in good faith.

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