Pres. Joe Biden delivers remarks in memory of 500k lost to COVID-19 | USA TODAY

The U.S. once again crossed a somber COVID threshold much faster than any country in the world. Less than a year after the coronavirus outbreak was declared …


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every single one of your videos has more dislikes than likes and you're telling me you were elected by the American people? I'm from Texas we call that horseshit 💩

Question: If you and all of the other "intelligent" people get the vaccine, why should you give a damn whether or not we "deplorables" do? If it works, we can't infect you, and our kind would likely just die off from COVID, leaving you to complete your Fascist Utopia, right? No, this is not about lives or anything to do with common sense. It's about power and manipulation. You pathetic suckers won't realize this until it's far too late.

Under the new guidelines, it will be extraordinarily difficult for ICE officers to remove anyone who is not convicted of an aggravated felony, a member of a gang, or a terrorist. Recent border crossers are also removable, but they can skate free by merely claiming asylum. The bottom line is that ICE officers will be effectively hand-cuffed to their desks; and the number of deportations will plummet.

Biden is proving that he is not America first. He is not for the rule of law. And his agenda is as close to an open border as any American president in history.

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