NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – June 7th, 2021

Vice President Harris in Guatemala to address migrant surge, FDA approves first medical treatment for Alzheimer’s in 18 years, and arrests made in deadly road …


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Hello everyone, Here is my take about the border ! In the United States We have rules and regulations in place, although we all may make mistakes along the way in our lives, There’s one ☝️ mistake that should “NEVER be mistaken and that’s called “Child Abuse “!!!! Regardless of anyone’s situation or Status no one in this world has the right to place their children in danger ⚠️, No One !!!!! If I was part of the American government, I would arrest anyone who place their child in danger (harms way)! No Excuses. “Period “! Kamala Harris needs me on her team, Cause I would of made it very clear to the world about people using their children as “Pawns “! Americans do not get a pass on child abuse and the same treatment should be applied abroad ! No one ☝️ is exempt from punishment for child abuse, period. That should of been her (vice president) main speech 🎤 ! “If you use your child to enter into America , You are banned for life “! I care about the children, But it’s their own parents who are victimizing them for a paycheck. I really wish I was on her team ( Kamala Harris) . People lighten up on her, Cause her job isn’t some easily assemble at a factory 🏭. No one ☝️ has the right to attack her about her speech, She’s a human and we are all going to say and do things where others wouldn’t agree. Let’s remain respectful and civilized at all times. For the record, I am “Team Kamala Harris ! Peace ✌️


I will continue to call. The employee responsible for NOT UPLOADING videos of June 5, and June 6 2021 NBC NIGHTLY NEWS broadcasts MUST EXPLAIN WHY they decided to NEGLECT THEIR DUTIES as given in their Job Description.

Your baby will NEVER starve unless you're heartless. That woman has many meals she could sacrifice. It's health over baby not danger over better life. Do it the right way and your life will get better

Well now that Nicaragua will accept Bitcoins its only a matter of time before Gautemala also accepts and the Mexico and more freedoms and wealth will increase in those countries. Nice one. Love it…It looks like America looking more desperate and pathetic by the minute.

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