WATCH LIVE: Second Impeachment Trial of Former President Donald Trump | ABC News

Former President Donald Trump’s historic second impeachment trial is now underway. He faces a single charge of incitement of insurrection over his actions …


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I thought he was already out of there! He was probably already impeached at the first trial, but refused to leave the office. After all, I have a feeling that Trump is the mob boss over all of the other mob bosses, who coerced his way back in, via money/payoffs, all in the course of one overnight emergency meeting at The White House, behind closed doors. I have a picture in my mind of Trump, holding a gun, forcing everyone to take his money so he can stay in his seat, or else. However, it does not appear that there was much resistance from his fellow con-stituants who voted against him and seems like a kind of set-up, as opposed to a real hold up, even though in reverse.
There is no such thing as loyalty in politics, as it comes with a very high price tag, and we all know Trump has the power to access his money, courtesy of the taxpayers. The world is run by clowns, and all clowns are evil and demented. Most do not understand that they are funding their own demise–refer to Jordan Maxwell…
Jimmy Page once said that all Christian charities, up to and including The March of Dimes ,receive their funding buy the mafia, the real tax collectors behind the government. And that no one wants to hear it, or if they do, they just use the info to get Ill gotten gains for their own, strictly greedy benefit, at the expense of those who suffer.

I might be wrong but it should say second FAILED IMPEACHMENT TRIAL OF FORMER PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP, by lying congressman and senators. But ABC news still put yere head in the sand.

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Why wasn't the capitol protected? Where did the guards be? If home security did know about the people meeting at the capitol, why was not protection to the capitol? Americans pay so much to protect so where was the protection to a building? What do I see is a political gain? The people entered the Capitol were in their own will, not because a speech or anything else, they wanted to breach the building in mob style, and they are going to pay the consequences of their own acts. The house managers altered the speech then they are fabricating false statements. The altered speech can't be presented. The security fell to do their jobs. They didn't protect the Capitol.

Under the cover of a "REPUBLICAN," he paid for and stole the first election, now he has been impeached for the second time….these are facts not fantasy, it happened!

You know I really Love, Love, Love how the (r) lawyers are so confident they will be paid for their professional services. Dont protect or stand up for this clown, defend the constitution you made an oath to, The constitution of the United states to speak the truth the whole treuth and nothing but the truth #USLawyers Oath of Law!!!

ATTENTION ALL IMPEACHMENT PRO LAWYERS YOU WILL NOT BE PAID BY THIS CROOK! If you help this man he has a longstanding reputation of NOT PAYING HIS STAFF…..Am I correct??

Closing argument.
Media have nothing to do with Trump inciting violence to his supporters.
He contradicted his self more than once.
Even his lawyer, is under investigation.
His general attorney left him.

Why is that?

Trump broke more rules than any other president.

Media deliver the news, no other president ever done what he did, an other president will ever do what he done.

Media also have the right to the first amendment to.

I was going through something in my personal life. I had to step away from this channel.

I invested my time into this channel and this channel is to inspire people all around the world. To bring justice to all.

I get the fact that people are jealous of me because of what I do.

I had a saw John F. Kenny.
I know he wanted me to share his message.

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try." "As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest form of appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them." "Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly."

Kick all the traitor RION senators out of Republican Party to unify and rebuild the Republican Party.

Biden's incitement of insurrection of the millions South American Illegal Immigrants to attack the south border of the USA should go to jail. No judge and impeach a US citizen, is unconstitutional to impeach Trump for the fake and false accruement from the dem Democrats

Witnesses will not change anything. We already understood on January 6 that Trump wanted the terrorists to succeed. He did not care about politicians. On the contrary, he may have hoped that they would get hold of some important individuals.

YouTube planted their interpretation of what is on this video it is absolutely disgusting that YouTube is putting their spin on this absolutely disgusting YouTube should be ashamed of themselves

LMAO Youtube find the impeachment as offensive or inappropriate? Sure is. hmm and people who got ARRESTED are encouraged (bribed with jail release) to say they did it at Trumps urging. umm okay

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