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I made this short film for my higher 6th year of Moving Image Arts :3
What happens when you play your Xbox for hours on end? What happens when you fall asleep countless times while doing so? Alex is about to find out what happens when he gets on his Xbox’s last nerve. When He gets sucked into the Xbox’s world, Alex must find his way through various levels finding buttons and keys to make his way back home.

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Video Games 104

Spring 2010 UCSB – Film 104
Video Games Project
By: Kat, Sam, Collier, Alex, and Alex

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‘I Fear For My Country’: Israeli Prez Reluctantly Gives Netanyahu First Crack At Forming Gov’t

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel’s president handed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the difficult task on Tuesday of trying to form a government from the country’s splintered parliament, giving the embattled leader a chance to prolong his lengthy term in office while he stands trial on corruption charges.

In his announcement, President Reuven Rivlin acknowledged that no party leader had the necessary support to form a majority coalition in the 120-seat Knesset. He also noted that many believe Netanyahu is unfit to serve as prime minister in light of his legal problems.

Nonetheless, Rivlin said that there was nothing in the law preventing Netanyahu from holding that office. After consulting with the 13 parties in the newly elected parliament, Rivlin said that Netanyahu had the best chance of any candidate of forming a new government.

“I have decided to entrust him with the task,” Rivlin said from Jerusalem.

“This is not an easy decision on a moral and ethical basis,” he added. “The state of Israel is not to be taken for granted. And I fear for my country.”

With that, Rivlin nudged forward the twin dramas over the country’s future and Netanyahu’s fate, giving Israel’s longest-serving premier a fresh chance to try to salvage his career. Netanyahu now has up to six weeks to try to cobble together a coalition. If he fails, Rivlin could give another party leader the opportunity to try to form a government — or the country could be plunged into an unprecedented fifth election in just over two years.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, front, attends the swearing-in ceremony for Israel's 24th government, at the Kness

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, front, attends the swearing-in ceremony for Israel’s 24th government, at the Knesset, or parliament, in Jerusalem, Tuesday, April 6, 2021. The ceremony took place shortly after the country’s president asked Netanyahu to form a new majority coalition, a difficult task given the deep divisions in the fragmented parliament. (Alex Kolomoisky/Pool via AP)

Netanyahu has the most support — 52 seats — in Israel’s Knesset. But that is still short of a 61 seats needed for a majority. He is likely to use his powers of persuasion to try to lure a number of opponents, including close former aides who have vowed never to serve under him again, with generous offers of powerful government ministries or legislative committees.

The task won’t be easy.

In order to secure a majority, Netanyahu would likely require the support of a small Arab Islamist party, and one of his partners, the Religious Zionists, have an openly racist platform and say they will not serve in a government with Arab partners.

“The chances of Netanyahu to form a government, as it seems right now, are quite low,” said Yohan Plesner, president of the Israel Democracy Institute, a Jerusalem think tank.

Netanyahu will also likely need the support of the Yamina, a right-wing party led by a former ally turned rival. Yamina’s leader, Naftali Bennett, has had a strained relationship with Netanyahu in recent years. He also been cool to an alliance with Arab parties.

Bennett called for formation of a “stable, right-wing” government on Tuesday and promised to negotiate in “good faith.” But he did not commit to backing Netanyahu, who has led the country for the past 12 years.

Opposition leader Yair Lapid, head of the centrist Yesh Atid party, acknowledged that the law left Rivlin “no choice,” but in the same tweet denounced the development as “a shameful disgrace that tarnishes Israel.”

Lapid has offered an alternative: a power-sharing arrangement with Bennett that would see the two men rotate into the prime minister’s job. They are expected to hold intense negotiations in the coming weeks.

In a sign of the challenge ahead of Netanyahu, about 100 protesters hoisted LGBT pride flags and a mock submarine in a noisy demonstration Tuesday that could be heard as officials began the swearing-in festivities of the new parliament in an outdoor plaza. The pride flags appeared to be a reference to the fact that leaders of the ultranationalist Religious Zionism party, which backs Netanyahu, are openly homophobic, while the submarine points to a graft scandal involving the purchase of German subs.

As the new Knesset was sworn into office, Rivlin appealed for unity in a speech.

“If we do not learn and find a model of partnership that will allow us to live here together, out of mutual respect for each other, out of commitment to each other, and genuine solidarity, our national resilience will be in real danger,” he said, his voice appearing to shake with emotion.

Netanyahu’s coalition talks will be conducted in the shadow of his corruption trial. While a ruling is months or even years away, the proceedings are expected to take place up to three days a week, an embarrassing and time-consuming distraction that will shadow Netanyahu’s appeals to his rivals.

In court, he faces fraud, breach of trust and bribery charges in three separate cases. Proceedings resumed Tuesday, though the premier did not appear in court.

A key witness on Monday cast Netanyahu as an image-obsessed leader who forced a prominent news site to help his family and smear his opponents.

Netanyahu denies all charges and in an nationally televised address accused prosecutors of persecuting him in an effort to drive him out of office. “This is what a coup attempt looks like,” he said.

This week’s court proceedings focused on the most serious case against Netanyahu — in which he is accused of promoting regulations that delivered hundreds of millions of dollars in profits to the Bezeq telecom company in exchange for positive coverage on the firm’s popular news site, Walla.

Ilan Yeshua, Walla’s former chief editor, described a system in which Bezeq’s owners, Shaul and Iris Elovitch, repeatedly pressured him to publish favorable things about Netanyahu and smear the prime minister’s rivals.

The explanation he was given by the couple? “That’s what the prime minister wanted,” he said.

Kellman reported from Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Cardistry-Con 2019 took place in Portland, OR, and was arguably the best meetup to date.
See you in Brussels in 2020!

This year’s conference was quite memorable for us because we premiered the trailer for our first playing cards – Z Deck – on stage for 500 attendees and gave away 100 decks on day 2 of the event. Check out z trailer:

Get access to unique cardistry tutorials and learn how you can animate the cards in your hands with the purchase of Z Deck.
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2:02 Dan and Dave Buck prepping for the con and performing some of their signature flourishes
2:19 Birger Karlsson with some fans and aerials
2:44 Michael MyTurn Stern kicking off the event
2:49 Oliver Sogard of Dealers Grip with his very serious presentation and then some advanced two-handed cuts
3:39 Ricky Smith showing off his cardistry skills but then resorting to some amazing card tricks
4:03 Manuela Rud winning Padiddle contest and then performing cardistry with Orbit playing cards
5:27 Matt Fox doing justice to the Orbit Spread by Bill Perkins
5:38 Dimitri Arleri of Cardistry Touch performing some old school moves from his Opera video and a Riffle Fan with Z Deck
5:55 @rassul_circus_cards showing what he’s got
6:04 Ryan Bechard with some split fans and Naoki Ogi 360 fan
6:10 Cardistry-Con Champion 2019 Lars Mayrand performing one of his signature moves
6:25 Live screening of Z Deck trailer
6:54 Tobias Levin of Anyone performing his trademark never ending combos
7:14 Chase Duncan doing his captivating Heritage flourish (as seen in Fontaine Futures video) for Tobias
7:31 @tonyscope_ showing off his cardistry tattoos
7:50 Ryan Bechard replicating epic Predator fanning moves
8:18 Everyone: you can’t do tricks with borderless decks. Chris Orbit Brown:
9:30 Dimitri and Ladislas announcing the winner of CCC
9:51 Salvador Gonzalez and Lars Mayrand sharing what trait they appreciated the most in each other’s style during Cardistry-Con Championship 2019

Additional thanks to Matt Ellenbogen and @hoosier_226 for filming Alex on stage presenting the trailer for Z Deck.

Cardistry-Con is an annual interactive conference, where skillful participants from around the globe try to push the boundaries of what can be done with a deck of playing cards. Follow the action from #cardistrycon 2019 in Portland here, on our Instagram or visit to learn more about this, past and future events featuring some of the best cardists alive.

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Instrumental produced by Chuki –
Music by Chillhop:
Bonus Points – Pizza and Video Games:
Mo Anando – In Bloom:
Jorgen Odegard – Wavedash (Super Smash Bros. Melee)


Наше видео с Кардистри-Кона в Портленде, Орегон, 2019.

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