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An adventurous, open minded image seeker is on the search for colours, spaces, faces, weird angles and microscopic beauty. He doesn’t stop to think about whats possible, just does all it takes to hack reality, take shortcuts, cross the boundaries searching for truth on the inside of things.
With nothing but a cameraphone, he tries to delve deeper and deeper into the core, until he goes too far and loses track – can’t tell fiction and reality apart, mistaking the enormous for the insignificant.
Lost in his own labyrinth, he is taken to a mental ward, separated from reality. There, he is forced to face his inner demons and to fight his way back to life.
Meanwhile his love, desperate about losing him, decides to go and follow him to the abyss of atoms, into the core of minuscule reality, to get him back. She travels and asks the mysterious genius who is able to transcend the world of miniatures to send her down to search for his loved one.

How the quest will turn out – there is no telling, but one thing is sure: love will never give up, and never fail.

The film to be shot is planned as a relatively high-profile enterprise, for which a plan of shooting a specially transformed vehicle and travelling to a famous artist is also involved, as is the fabrication and procurement of different (professional or DIY), camera moving and rigging equipment, to be able to place the camera to extreme places and angles. Special lenses are also to be used. Lighting and crew costs make up the rest of the budget of this film to be shot in Hungary and Ukraine.

Being a student of the Hungarian Society of Cinematographers I will also ask the help and advice of film professionals and the use of film equipment if possible.

The idea of the film has emerged from impressions made by the music that serves as the soundtrack, which dictates the pace of this fast moving, surrealistic adventure.
It can be listened to in its entirety here:
The track is a relatively rare listening for the everyday ear, being a computer composition, created in 1991 on a Commodore Amiga 500, by the then-demoscene musician Zajos Suvak, friend of mine.
It contains 4 tracks, using 8 bit samples, the original file weighing only 86K!
The chaotic, dazzling and catchy melodies made me think of this story, that I wanted to make long ago, dreaming up matching imagery for it.
I think this setting and the superb imaging capabilities, the easy use and versatility of the long awaited (since the first leaked news more than 1.5 years ago) N8 would make this a very exciting venture that I’m very much looking forward to.

Gergely Erdelyi

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Hungarian Government Calls Children’s Book ‘Homosexual Propaganda’

Alexandra Hudson

BUDAPEST, Oct 8 (Reuters) – Hungary’s nationalist government on Thursday condemned a book of modern fairy tales for children published by a lesbian group as “homosexual propaganda” and said it should be banned.

The book “Wonderland Is For Everyone,” was published last month by the Labrisz Lesbian Association, and has sparked a public debate in Hungary, where signs of official intolerance of LGBT+ people are increasingly emerging.

A politician from the far-right fringe Our Homeland party tore the book apart and shredded it at a press conference and called it homosexual propaganda. Asked about the book at a press briefing, Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s cabinet chief also called it “homosexual propaganda.”

“Sexual identity is a private matter but there is a threshold … namely that homosexual propaganda should not be directed at children,” Gergely Gulyas said, adding this amounted to endangering minors.

Dorottya Redai, a project leader with the publisher responded: “We reject the unfounded accusations that we would be causing harm to children.” The politician’s remarks amounted to”hate propaganda” she added.

In power since 2010, Orban has promised to “build a new era”with major cultural changes in Hungary. His government has so far refrained from strong attacks on the LGBT+ community, unlike Poland, where homophobia has been part of the ruling PiS party’s ideology and election strategy.

However parliament, with the ruling party’s majority, voted in May to ban transgender people from changing their gender on identity documents.

Bulcsu Hunyadi, an analyst at think tank Political Capital said the government seized on the book to prevent the far-right dominating the agenda, but was unlikely to step up its anti-LGBT stance to the extent seen in Poland ahead of the 2022parliamentary elections.

“Hungarian society is a lot more secular and more accepting towards LGBT people (than Polish society),” he said. “This today… could be followed with some policy moves but I don’t think Fidesz will build a big campaign around the issue.”

The first 1,500 copies of the book, which contains 17stories with characters from various social backgrounds, sold out quickly.

The Hungarian Publishers’ and Booksellers Association said several bookshops had been threatened and become the target of hate mongering. “Leave the bookshops alone,” it said, rejecting condemnation of the book.

(Reporting by Krisztina ThanEditing by Alexandra Hudson)

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