5 Ways to Create Cel Shading in Cinema 4D

In this video you will learn 5 different ways to create cel shading in Cinema 4D & Cinema 4D Lite!

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Download the camping C4D scene file from this tutorial here:

Cinema 4D VR Camping Scene

Topics covered include:
• An intro to the Sketch & Toon effect
• How to use the Sketch & Toon Cel Shader
• Use a 2 light setup to turn your enitre scene into a 2D cel shaded composition
• Recreate a Cel Shader type effect with tools available in Cinema 4D Lite
• Intro to the Falloff Shader and how you can use it for precise cel shading

If you have any questions, be sure to post it in the comments section and if you create any fun 2D cel shading works in Cinema 4D, be sure to share it with me! Thanks for watching!

Watch the tutorial here:

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