Digital Bolex D16 – How to develop RAW files

These video shows three different ways to develop RAW files from the Digital Bolex D16 in DaVinci Resolve Lite 11.

The best way I’ve found to flatten the images is tu use BMD color space and gamma.
I’ve used it to grade my short film “Sleeping with the enemy”. You can see it here :

But on the Digital Bolex forum, iaremrsir said :

” So I’ve been fiddling around with Resolve trying to get a better starting point than Rec 709 and ended up getting to Rec 2020. I’ve created a 3D Input LUT that uses the Rec.709 color space and Linear gamma options in the DNG settings. It converts to the Rec 2020 color space and gamma using the Rec 709 -> CIE XYZ color matrix, then XYZ -> Rec 2020, then it converts to the Rec 2020 gamma. You get a wider color space with a nice gamma to start with. You also don’t get the shifted white point that P3D60 gives you.”

You can download his LUT here :

So I decided to give it a try.

Camera : Digital Bolex #49
Lense : Tokina 11-16 T2.8 ( Duclos PL rehousing )

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