Real Life Students / Fort Bluff Summer Camp / 2020 Promo

Summer camp is a life changing experience…

Our FBC – Real Life Students have the opportunity to go back to Fort Bluff Camp. Our students will experience fun games, powerful worship, and preaching. They will grow closer in their relationship with each other and God.

If you would like to help our students get to camp this summer please give at:
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Can’t give? Please pray for our students and leaders.

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Fort Bluff Summer Camp
When: July 6th-10th
Where: Fort Bluff Camp Dayton, TN
Cost: $325.00

Details: Summer Camp! 5 days dedicated to making memories, enjoying the outdoors, having fun, and growing spiritually. Camp is a very intentional time for our group to grow together and grow in their relationships with Christ. All noise is silenced so we can hear God’s voice. (Yes, no cell phones or electronics allowed.) It honestly doesn’t get any better than Camp! We’re heading back down south to Fort Bluff. Last year was an unforgettable experience for our students, and we are asking God to Do it Again! Eric Capaci will be the camp pastor while we are there and will be preaching God’s Word and God will be changing the lives of our Real Life Students.

The cost of $325 pays for just about EVERYTHING. Transportation to and from camp, lodging, three meals a day, activities, and an exclusive Real Life Camp T-shirt. Extra money will be needed for lunch on the way down to Tennessee and on the way home. Also, students can bring extra money for snacks or merchandise. Students are also allowed to pack their own snacks.

Not sure about camp? Check out and watch their promo video!
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