Flushing Hollywood; Fake News and Fake Boobs: A Memoir

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In Flushing Hollywood Fake News, Fake Boobs: A Memoir Hutchison finally shares the unabashed truth about such topics as:

  • The determination and sacrifices it takes to make it in Hollywood.
  • The feast, famine, competition, and back stabbing of the entertainment world.
  • Brushing up against blatant racism, sexism, greed and politicalized prejudice, with specific celebrities such as Jamie Foxx, Sam Jackson, Sean Penn and Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • What it was like working with Tom Hanks.
  • Being blackballed by the industry at large.
  • Contending with a Mother-in-Law from Hell.
  • The fake news of the entertainment media.

In the first half of Flushing Hollywood Fake News, Fake Boobs: A Memoir, Hutchison takes the reader on a journey from childhood to his struggles up the ladder of success, and eventual (oft times surreal and humorous) adventures co-starring in movies like The Green Mile w/ Tom Hanks, Bait w/ Jamie Foxx, and I Am Sam w/ Sean Penn. However what sets Hutchison’s book apart from other Hollywood Stories from previous authors is he’s unafraid of telling the truth. Hutchison’s account will raise eyebrows and ruffle more than a few feathers.

In the second half of Flushing Hollywood Fake News, Fake Boobs: A Memoir, Hutchison waxes prolific about his controversial, tumultuous, and often misunderstood marriage to sixteen-year old, Courtney Stodden, and how their union not only turned Hollywood (and the world) upside down, but killed the actor’s career as agents, talent managers, casting directors, producers, etc., dropped and black-balled him, the press pummeled him, and the public excoriated him.

Hutchison doesn’t stop there though. He reveals for the first time ever specific aspects of his marriage to Courtney Stodden that will shock, surprise, entertain, and astonish the reader.

    Such As:

  • Courtney Stoddens Fake Pregnancy.
  • Courtney Stoddens Fake miscarriage and the continued pretense to perpetuate the fraud Fake News!
  • A Fake Separation Fake News!
  • A Fake Divorce Fake News!

Written with humor, wit, heartbreak, yet never malice nor mean spiritedness Hutchison’s insightful Flushing Hollywood Fake News, Fake Boobs: A Memoir pulls no punches.

It s one half tabloid sensation and the other, a page-turning unconventional love story. At last the Truth!

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