Video Games

Muffin Mondays Ep. 3. A short film documenting the progression taken place at Purgatory Mountain the last month. Life is a video game, with practice anyone can master their goals.

Parker Norvell
Tobias Goldman
Nolan Stowers
Hank Stowers
Devin McGlamery
Chris Engman

Filmed and Edited by: Taran Egner
Additional filming: Rees Gibbons
Song: Lana del Ray- Video Games (Sound Remedy Remix)
Camera: Canon T2i- 50mm and tokina 11-16mm
Software: Adobe Premiere cs6 After Affects cs6

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How to Make a Mic Muffin, Quick Tüts

P.P.S. Granny is now making her Mic Muffin’s with only the Fun Fur, for improved sincitivity and better frequency responce.

P.S. From Granny,
Use No 8. double pointed needles, do not close off top tightley. fluff up fur at end of knitting.

Cost to Make a Mike Muffin, Under $10.00 to make 5 or more muffins.

Shot with a D90. Int Lighting 650w Mole Richardson Tweeny & 17 inch China Ball and practicals. 105mm and 17-70 Kit Lens, audio recorded on a DVX100A. Mics used Audio-Technica shotgun & EV RE-20.

Check out the audio quality of my Tascam Portable Digital Record with bilt in mic’s, using one of Grannys Mic Muffins:

Music by Ted Jordon Productions

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