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The following short clips will explain the simple truth on Fatima left behind by Servant of God Sr Lucia the gravity of sin and the consequence for all of mankind is made clear by Servant of God Sr Lucia.

The short film clips below will explain the consequence of ignoring the central message of Fatima left behind by Servant of God Sr Lucia
The Third Secret of Fatima by Sr Lucia

The Consequence of ignoring the Fatima Message

If the film clips above causes one to doubt about the times we are living under, this short clip will reaffirm all of the above

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Unfortunately, many leaders still lack knowledge and it is up to us all to use these films to educate all souls, religious or not will see them.
Saving Private Eire (Ireland ) NEW 13th June 2020
Also a rare moment took place on Curracloe Beach in Co Wexford, the same beach used by Stephen Spielberg to make Saving Private Ryan with actor Tom Hanks. During the month of June, John Waters and Gemma O Doherty shared their experience in the recent Constitution High Court case . We would like to share a 2 minute clip of their talk which captures the soul of the Irish Nation titled:
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All we ask in return is to continue to spread the Rosary and Five First Saturday devotion and share these films to educate many to save souls from eternal death. .
God bless you all
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