How to Make a Wood Gas Stove (Camp Stove)

In this video, I have made a modified version of a camp stove shown in another video I found by Xenos Bushcraft right here on Vimeo (

One difference is, that I use the ring from the lid of a wide-mouth jar to simplify a step in which the original stove-maker uses the cut out lid from a can to create a lip to hold the inner can inside of the outer can. I also suggest you watch the original video, as it’s a great stove and a great video, and was the guide I used to make my own.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I probably should NOT have drilled holes around the top of the coffee can, so I’m thinking about going over that part of the can with some aluminum tape to cover the holes and keep the heat inside the stove. At some point, I reckon I’ll make another one of these and will likely make some other changes, as well. For now, I hope this video will inspire you to try making one of these your own unique way.

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