Kathryn Hart, The Other Voice, site-specific installation for Sala Coll Alas de Gandia, Spain 2020

Kathryn Hart makes works bigger than their physicality using light, shadow, reflection, and space.
In this site-specific installation, Ajuntament de Gandia (SP) and Cultura Gandia present Kathryn Hart’s THE OTHER VOICE in Sala Coll Alas inspired by the psychic heritage of 16th-century powerful women, a reinterpretation of the Greek myth of Aracne and her own pioneering lineage. The exhibition title stems from the Western European history tradition of deeming men “the first voice.” Catalog essay excerpt by Amparo Zacares Pamblaco — “the artist presents a series of abstract spatial structures of architectural cut…she uses diverse material with which she achieves a certain configuration of objects in a dispersed and ascending direction to serve as a loudspeaker to those dissident Renaissance women by whom she has been inspired…the spectacular nature of the exhibition is born from the same combinations of spatial geometries of the elaborate abstract pieces and the games of light and shadow that…give elegance to the sizeable assemblies with which she restores dignity…to those other voices erased from history”

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