How to install a GoPro on a bodyboard (dubbed version)

Lots of people have asked how exactly to mount the GoPro cameras on a bodyboard. Here is the step-by-step video version.
Thanks to who gave me their workshed to film this.
The original upload had some audio overlay, so it is with many thanks to Robson (here on vimeo with some sick bodyboard vids of his own) that we have the re-dubbed version with the man’s mellow tones, making it much clearer to listen to.
On a side note, you could easily use a drill 1- 1.5mm less in diameter than that specified in the vid, but just wanted to make things super easy for fitting. Depending what type of core your board has, you may even choose the old method of running a heated screwdriver through to seal the foam.
Happy sliding!

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New style ‘how-to’ movie from Japan!
Boost your freeriding skills! Get stoked and ride more!

Watch each basics separately↓

[Amazing insight! Check how pro riders do it!]
Learn basic turns, terrain use (walls), and spin tricks from footage of pro-riders shredding home slopes with detailed explanations, illustrations and subtitles!
Must-check one-point rider advice!

[Take the joy of snowboarding to the next step!]
For beginners/intermediates – improve your freeriding.
For advanced riders – take your basics to the next level.

Loaded with Hokkaido powder!
Exclusive footage of top riders shredding.
Full of tips and techniques to use on the slopes, improve your freeriding and have more fun!

[Basic Turn]
Turns that lead to everything/Carving turns/Slide turns/Short turns/Long turns/Mastering rough & steep slopes/One point advise from riders for improving your turns

[Basic Wall]
Riding up and down walls/Hitting the wall/Jumping on walls/Layback/Watch out for strange walls/One point advise from riders to improve your wall riding

[Basic Spin]
180 on flat ground/Jump & spin180/On undulating terrains/Easy place to spin/How to land properly/The difference between 180 & 360/One pont advise from riders to improve your spins

[Packed with image parts to expand your range of snowboarding]
Freestyle turn/Slash snow on the course side /Powder turn/Grabs/Use the tip of the board/Waves & Bumps/Backflip/360s on powder/Have more fun with 180s/Throw snow at friends behind you

English narratin by Nik Sliverski

Takaharu Nakai/Yo Amagai/Daisuke Watanabe/Motoki Takahashi
Minato Miyauchi/Fumiyuki Murakami/Teppei Hirota/Toshiyuki Moriyama
Shinji Sato/Kohei Kudo/Shuhei Sato/Keisuke Yoshida/Yosuke Akiyama
Hiroumi Fujimoto/Naoya Wada/Kazuhiro Kokubo/Sora Sakashita
Ryu Nonogaki/Junior Yamada/Takahiro Taniguchi/Masaru Sato
Takanori Nagata/Takaaki Notoya/Yuki Ooiso/Keijiro Oka/Asato Yoshida
Teruumi Fujimoto/Katsumi Sasaki/Osamu Usami/Daisuke Suzuki
Yuya Akada/Yuki Sato/Taku Hiraoka/Kotaro Minamiya/Yusuke Mino
Yusuke Asakawa/Tsutomu Nakata/Yusuke Matsui/Kansuke Ootomo
Yuri Okubo/Hanato Minamiya/Yusuke ToyomaKazuya Domae

English translation: Daisuke Watanabe/Ryuto Shibata/Nik Sliwerski

Supervisor: Takaharu Nakai/
Director: Kazuya Domae

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How to Mount Skateboard Trucks –

How to Mount Skateboard Trucks

Skateboard trucks are the metal T-shaped pieces that mount onto the underside of the skateboard and keep your skateboard wheels and bearings securely attached to the deck. They are a key component when you want to create your own skateboard. Skateboard trucks are composed of several different parts: axles, hangers, kingpins, and bushings. All these parts impact your skateboard’s performance. Not sure how to mount your own skateboard trucks? This video will take you through the process, step by step. Check it out!

You will need:

Gripped skateboard deck (see video:
Risers (optional)
8 nuts & bolts
Skate tool


Skateboard trucks:
Skate tools:

Step 1:

Locate the mounting holes, then use the bolts or a screwdriver to punch holes downward through the grip tape.


Step 2:

Place bolts through the holes in the deck.


Step 3:

If you’re installing risers, start by fitting those onto the bolts. If not, slip the baseplate onto the bolts.


Step 4:

Hold the hardware in place while you mount the trucks on the bolts. Make sure your two trucks are facing each other—IE, both kingpins are facing in.


Step 5:

Fasten the nuts over the trucks using your skate tool or socket wrench.


Step 6:

Use a skate tool to tighten the heads of the bolts in an “X” pattern. Repeat on the other side.

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How to Stop Your Bow from Jumping


Come on over to to enjoy the discussion with other violinists and violists worldwide

What to do if your bow jumps or shakes when you don’t want it to?

Our viewer Michael writes:

I’m having problens bowing.
The bow is jumping just a little and the sound vibrate too.
I tried diferent bows, and breu quantities, the intenssity of the jump chagues but i could not come to a conclusion.
I’m a begginner student, i have just finished the suzuki violin book 1.
I pratice trying to Stop Thís jump and refining my moviment.
The theacher i use to Had class, also tried with me to find what i do tão cause it, Bow hold, wrist position elbow positiom, and the whole body position and the moviment.
I watch wheigt X pressure vídeo, and could not solve Thís problem.
Do you have another tip to help me.

Best regardes Michael

Do your recognize Michael’s issue? Watch this video and learn how to get control over your bow!

Did you enjoy this video? Please let me know in the comments!



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