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Rough Transcript:

I got an email from Jake: Hey Dan! I’m curious what you think about the new youtube comment system? I’m not really a fan, but maybe it’s because I haven’t really figured them out yet. Thanks, Jake

Thanks Jake! So, my girlfriend recently sent me a link to a cute little Ukelele diddy by Emma Blackery. Maybe you’ve seen it…

I think she pretty accurately sums up the way we all feel about Google trying to force their failed social network down our throats. I mean, I’m all for improving the comments system, putting the comments that are most relevant to me right on top, but why does YouTube need anything but YouTube to do that? Like, why can’t they use who I’m subscribed to rather than some social network nobody has time for? Honestly, I’m a little creeped out. The multinational intelligence conglomerate that is Google doesn’t just want us to act in a very specific way–it’s like they feel entitled, they’re offended that we might choose to not live in the digital bubble they’ve made for us.

I was recently watching fellow-YouTuber Hank Green’s take on all this nonsense, and while I agree with the general seething sentiment of his video, there was one thing he said that is so wrong it makes the baby Jesus cry.

Now, he’s right that there’s nothing we can do in the short term to make YouTube change course, but if we play a long game we can absolutely chip away at Google’s ability to bully its users. The only reason a video sharing website is in a position to strong-arm its users into adopting a particular social network is because they have a monopoly. If there was another video site with even 5% market share, YouTube would think twice. It’s time to start giving other video sites a chance. I’m not saying that we should stop using YouTube per se, but I, for example, from this day forward will also be uploading my content to Vimeo and DailyMotion–links in the description. I will also, from this day forward, be attempting a new moneymaking model for pogobat, because who needs ads!? Especially when YouTube takes a 45% cut anyway! Shit’s ridiculous. Pogobat is now ad-free in hopes that you’ll support my endeavors via Patreon, which is like Kickstarter for recurring things so rather than giving, like, twenty five bucks to a project once, you give, like, a twenty five cent tip each time I make a new episode. There’s a link to my Patreon in the description, and now an animated quandary from MoonShoesPatty!


I got this email from Utkarsh in Mumbai: hey i like your videos… but yes, ur talks are sometimes stupid…. some are great… i am a diehard fan… of batman.. then i made a benchmark.. to be the best i am pulled towards getting better… in the The Dark Knight Rises though i agree it was fiction movie i feel motivated. that never give up.. however… what can be done now is this… raise ourselves… RAISE OURSELVES… how? i believe big steps need to be taken… but first we need to get better…
i am sure, u have many more strengths just like rubies cube… which u can share…
yeaaah… i have a question… what can be done? ask this in a video.. “what kind of world do you want to make” do reply, what do you think…

Utkarsh from Mumbai: The Dark Knight movies are badass. I can totally see where you would be inspired by them and am totally flattered that you’re drawing parallels between them and my videos. But the reason Bruce Wayne is able to be Batman is because of how filthy rich he is. I’m sure you see this in Mumbai: the distribution of wealth on this planet is all kinds of out of whack and I don’t know that Batman is really helping with that. They’re fun movies, but in the real world leaning on high-powered billionaires doesn’t keep us safer. Time and again they prove that their only priority is staying rich and powerful. So yes, we must raise ourselves… RAISE OURSELVES… by passing progressive tax policies and raising the minimum wage.

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