The Toxicity of Competitive Video Games

Video analysis of the toxic communities surrounding video games. Made for an assignment in USF’s EME4390 Digital Identity course.

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Mowi In A Pickle Over Formaldehyde Use in Loch Arkaig

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The Ferret: Scottish Fish Farms Using Cancer-linked Embalming Fluid as Disinfectant
Nearly 200 fish farms are allowed to use a carcinogenic chemical called formaldehyde which is used to embalm corpses:

Sunday National: “Fears over toxic chemical approved for use in fish farms”:

EXPOSED: Scottish Salmon’s Cascading Use of Cancer-Causing Chemical:

Pickled Scottish Salmon, Anyone?:

Formalin: Scottish Salmon’s Toxic Solution:

Read how Mowi is being investigated over chemical use via:

Salmon farming giant Mowi probed over chemical use:

Watch more videos on toxic chemicals via:

Cancer-Causing Chemicals Stashed at Scottish Salmon:

Inside Room 101 – Scottish Salmon’s Cache of Toxic Chemicals:

Loch Duart’s Cache of Toxic Chemicals:

Toxic Chemicals at Wester Ross Salmon:

Toxic Scottish Salmon – Corrosive & Carcinogenic Chemicals:

Read about who controls Norwegian-owned Mowi (formerly named Marine Harvest) via:

Read about how Mowi changed their name from Marine Harvest due to negative consumer perceptions via:

Read how the name change to Mowi was objected to by the Mowinckel family (Thor Mowinckel pioneered salmon farming in Norway in the 1960s and gave his family name to the Mowi brand/strain of salmon) via:

For more information on Scottish salmon farming please visit:

Read about Loch Arkaig – home to the chiefs of the Cameron clan via:

Loch Arkaig salmon farm and the shore base is rented by Mowi from the Achnacarry Estate which is owned by Donald Cameron MSP:

Donald Cameron MSP told the Scottish Parliament in February 2019:

“My family business has a financial interest in a salmon farm on Loch Arkaig in Lochaber—Mr Finnie will know it well. It is a freshwater farm and is a relatively small operation. However, it has been there since the 1980s and has been a consistent local employer for several decades. It is owned and managed by the company formerly known as Marine Harvest, which is of course a major employer across the Highlands and Islands.”


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Intro to Essential Oil Use in Pets – Dr Natalie Noble

You want to keep your animal healthy for life right? Would you also like to be able to support them when they are unwell? Simply, and with ease?

Essential Oils are powerful plant medicines that we use daily with our patients. And you can easily incorporate them into your home wellness kit too. Often just a single drop can provide an instant healing effect, when used correctly.

If you would like to learn more, we have created an educational video showing you how to get started using essential oils on your pets, safely.

You can watch it whenever you like, wherever you are, without having to convince your pet that a trip to the vet sounds like a fun adventure!

‘Introduction to Essential Oil Use in Pets’ is a 21 minute long educational online video and available to purchase now at:

Introduction to Essential Oil Use in Pets

You will learn:
* Why quality oils are important
* The three main methods of administration
* The five magic rules for safe exposure
* Our favourite safe oils to get started with, and
* How to access quality oils at wholesale prices.

At only $39 this may be the best investment in your pet’s health you will ever make.

FREE GIFT: To thank you for investing in your pet’s health, on purchase you will be invited to download a handy reference document ‘Essential Oils for Healthy Pets’. Here you will find detailed instructions on how to safely use essential oils via inhalation, topical application or ingestion. It also lists our top ten essential oils that every household should have and how to access them at wholesale prices.

Immediately after purchase your ‘Introduction to Essential Oil Use in Pets’ video will be available for you to watch on Vimeo. You do not need a Vimeo account to watch this video, however you will be required to enter a password to access it. You will receive an email with your video link together with your unique password.

The Natural Vets is a dedicated holistic veterinary practice on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. For further information or to make an appointment with one of our other fabulous vets, please contact The Natural Vets at:
* website:
* email:
* call: +61 (7) 5476 7674
* address: 338 Mons Road, Forest Glen, QLD 4556

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